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Mindful and Genuine Counsel

Focusing in Estate Planning, Probate, Business and Real Estate Transactions, and Contracts.


Throughout my youth, I had no idea that I would be given the opportunity of pursuing a law degree and the blessing of establishing my own law practice. I may never have had the courage to apply for law school in 1998 but for my parents’ diligent expression of their faith in my intelligence and capabilities. Through my journey, my parents and my husband do not let me forget that I am a skilled attorney and they never stop encouraging me.  The firm name “McPhaul Rozell Law” is my maiden and married name combined in recognition of what was, what is and what is yet to be. My practice of the law has been extremely rewarding as I have had the opportunity to focus on certain areas of the law that suit my character and personality.


The majority of attorneys hand their work over to a staff member. The final product might be quickly glanced over by an attorney, if at all, before being rushed out and presented to you as quality legal workmanship. 


My clients talk directly to and work directly with me. When working with me, you will receive an authentic product that I hand tailor specific to your situation. I strive to maintain a personable and approachable presence giving careful attention to detail. I sincerely enjoy working with my clients while establishing long lasting relationships.


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